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Do what you love. Becoming a Personal Trainer or Fitness Trainer is extremely rewarding work and you’re going to love training with us!

  • Our Trainers are qualified and highly skilled PT’s and you train in a real gym.
  • A number of our students are directly hired by the gym’s they train in.
  • Ongoing support during and after your training. We coach and support all of our students to find a career they love.

“The trainers at NHFA are great and unlike any other in the industry. Don’t get caught going to a bad trainer. Dave Burgis and his team know exactly how to train to ensure clients are looked after and you become the best trainer you can be.”

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Providing Trainers To

Become One Of Australia’s Most Outstanding and Successful PT’s.

We’ll help get you there.
We pride ourselves on not just delivering first class education, but an outstanding course in an exceptional environment by industry experts. Our course coaches are the best in the industry – not only are they high achievers but also experts in specific areas of the fitness industry itself.

Several of our trainers are State and Regional Managers and fitness directors within the Goodlife Health branch. You’ll learn from experts qualified in marketing, nutrition, naturopathy, and dietetics.

Our trainers are a wealth of knowledge and have had many years of hands-on training in the fitness industry. At NHFA, you’ll have access to the best minds in the industry, and every opportunity to become an outstanding personal trainer.

Why Choose Us

NHFA is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO31894) which means our professional training systems are quality assured and our qualifications are nationally recognised. No matter where you find yourself in Australia you can be assured that the qualifications you earn at NHFA will be recognised and will support you through your fitness career.

Business Mentor Program

Dave Burgess, NHFA Founder and Director, offers both one-on-one and group business mentoring sessions. The Business Mentor Program is unlike any other business course. After being mentored by many successful entrepreneurs such as Tony Robbins and Richard Branson (pictured with Dave), Dave delivers the latest cutting edge information to ensure your success in the health and fitness industry.

The NHFA Business Mentor Program is conducted just twice per year with strictly limited numbers. Dave conducts this training with only three one-on-one clients at a time.

To secure your place in NHFA’s exclusive Business Mentor Program, get in touch with us below.

Follow Your Dreams And Help Others Achieve Theirs

Not only will a career as a Personal Trainer allow you to be paid to stay healthy and fit, but you’ll be helping others become fitter,
healthier and ultimately, happier.

Feel satisfied and rewarded by your work. Enrol in one of our courses today to transform your dreams into a career you will love.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the the cost/investment

Depending on the course you choose to undertake, and/or if you have prior formal qualifications in fitness that can be transferred as course credits, the final fee will be variable. If you want to find out more, complete the form above to get a free course guide.

What can I do after I gain my qualifications

There are multiple and diverse pathways available in the fitness industry, from personal training to gym management, coaching and physiotherapy. A Certificate III or IV with NHFA is the perfect launching pad! If you want to find out more, complete the form above to get a free course guide.

Why is face to face better than online

We think you already know the answer to this, but to be sure, it’s a little like why a face to face PT session is better than a class on Youtube. You can ask questions and will receive answers in real-time. The course becomes completely tailored to you, you learn more, and become the best PT you can be. If you want to find out more, complete the form above to get a free course guide.

I’ve received a cheaper quote; can you beat it?

We’ll sure try! If you want to find out more about payment terms and options, complete the form above to get a free course guide. We can’t wait to talk to you about your dream career!

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