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You cannot help but enjoy every class

You cannot help but enjoy every class
Personal Training Course

I have recently had the pleasure of doing the Bamboo Mentor Course offered by the National Health and Fitness
Academy and presented by Dave Burgis. After completing my certificate III & IV in fitness I decided that it was a
natural progression to continue on to the Mentor Program. Nowhere have I seen or found a program that offers
such practical and extensive insight into the outside aspects of being a personal trainer and the business side of
what is involved.

Although the skills and confidence I gained through the certificate III & IV were amazing the benefits gained
through the mentor course sends it to the next level. The course for me covered things that are normally not
touched on aspects such as marketing, hidden psychology, managing finance, extended sales, nutrition. The
extraordinary amount of wisdom, knowledge and strategies were way above even my expectations.

I would highly advise anyone looking for the extra mile to extend their business skills and knowledge to grab this
course with both hands and make it a must. What I gained from this course has truly changes my life!

You cannot help but enjoyevery class with is out of the box teaching style you will find yourself learning without knowing it.