I am so pleased I chose NHFA

Being a professional cyclist for 15 years I have always had an interest in health and fitness. I am so pleased I chose NHFA to do my fitness qualifications as I am learning so much through the online platform. Because all the modules are video’s of Dave and the other coaches teaching an actual class it made it so easy for me to follow. He teaches in a way that makes difficult concepts easy to understand and because the theory is all online I can rewatch it if I don’t quite get it the first time. I’m enjoying connecting with the coaches and my classmates in our weekly Zoom class where our coach recaps the modules we’ve done the previous week and holds a Q&A session. I can’t wait until we can go back into the gyms and complete the practical side and put all we’ve learned in place.

Jans Koerts (ig - jans.koerts) 29-04-2020