Business Mentor Program

Dave Burgis and Richard Branson

Dave Burgis, National Health & Fitness Academy founder and director, offers both one-on-one and group business mentoring sessions. The business mentor program is unlike any other business course. After being mentored by many successful entrepreneurs such as Tony Robbins and Richard Branson pictured with Dave, he delivers the latest cutting edge information to ensure your success in the health and fitness industry.

The NHFA mentor program is conducted just twice per year with strictly limited numbers. Dave has only 3 one on one clients that he coaches at any one time. For more details please contact the NHFA team.

The Business Mentor Program includes the most relevant and up to date business, marketing, sales, peak performance and wealth creation strategies.

  • Personal training business start up process and development
  • Business planning and identifying business objectives and outcomes
  • Develop a business plan and design your Business map
  • Branding and marketing plan
  • Branding and marketing implementation
  • Generating clients and building your client base
  • Constant strategic innovation: products, services and delivery
  • Business optimisation and Maximisation
  • Business owner skill development
  • Understand and implement necessary business systems
  • Stay focused on your business ‘bigger picture’
  • Achieve results – intrinsic and extrinsic
  • Customer service
  • Money Management…. and how to create more!!

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